Timeline Therapy

Timeline Therapy

What is timeline therapy?

Timeline Therapy ™ is an extremely powerful and highly effective process developed by Tad James using hypnosis and NLP.

The Timeline therapy ™ process works around the concept that we store every single experience and memory in a linear manner in our internal memory storage system- our unconscious mind.

This effective NLP process allows you to let go of past negative stored emotion and limiting decisions. It allows you to create new choices by connecting to the unconscious mind where the emotion and beliefs are stored. 

Timeline therapy ™ is a simple, easy, and often fun process to let go of the negative emotion attached to memories that may be holding you back. These are often unconscious. So you can turn it into wisdom, learn and grow. It allows you to let go of negative emotions and limiting beliefs.

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What happens in timeline therapy

You follow a process of steps given via hypnotic language patterns to find the root cause of the belief, decision or emotion you want to move through. Then you are guided through a process so you can find the wisdom and let go of the repressed emotion and thoughts.


How does timeline therapy work?

Timeline Therapy (TLT) is fast and effective. It works every time. It is very simple, you just follow simple instructions and by accessing the root cause in your unconscious mind you can make fast and lasting change.

It is normal to have questions surrounding this therapy process. I understand this and am always happy to answer any questions you may have. 

You can also book in a 30 minute free consultation with me where I can talk you through how timeline therapy will work. This way you can make an educated decision.

When is timeline therapy right for you?

If you find yourself with negative memories that you feel are affecting how you want to live. Past trauma.  If you have habitual emotional reactions, emotions you get stuck in for extended periods. If you find yourself experiencing inappropriate or unwarranted emotions.  Timeline therapy™ is right for you.

I have used TLT effectively for anyone from about 10 years of age.

Have questions about the Timeline Therapy?

I am happy to walk you through the Timeline Therapy. Book a FREE 30 minute consultation with me.