NLP Coaching

NLP Coaching

What is NLP Coaching?

NLP Neuro linguistic programming is the study of how to choose language of the mind to consistently achieve your specific and desired outcomes, or more simply, NLP is the study of success. 

We are constantly talking to ourselves anyway, when we CHOOSE those instructions and raise our awareness we are able to create our own success. 

That is success in any area you want to focus on- Career/school, relationships (parenting/marriages/colleagues), finances, health & fitness, personal development, spirituality any and all aspects of your life.

NLP practitioner coach

Why an NLP practitioner coach?

I work on the premise that you are whole, not broken, and there is nothing wrong with you or your child. From that truth, you are able to create a better future. It is a relationship where the coach and client are equals. 

It focuses on actions, outcomes and processes, remembering that you are perfectly capable of best performance and have only to get in touch with those capabilities. 

It is about understanding the past and how it effects your present and creating a compelling future. It assumes emotions are natural and looks for intention & purpose for their expression.

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NLP Coaching Services

Learn more about your NLP coach – Skye Bairstow

My name is Skye Bairstow (nee Brookes) I grew up on acreage, traveled to different parts of the world, studied education, neurodevelopment, and taught parents and children in the thousands. And there was one thing that made all the difference. NLP master practitioner training.

When I began studying Nuero linguistic programming there was a shift.

All of a sudden my journey and challenges made sense. My struggle with learning difficulties and depression and my children’s struggles had a purpose. I was empowered by the obstacles in my way instead of defeated, overwhelmed, and disheartened by them. I moved through them easily. I was achieving results and fast.

NLP is amazingly powerful and fast. If you want to make lasting change and fast you have come to the right place! 

I now share my skills through NLP coaching alongside the emotion code ™, Brain therapy for retained primitive reflexes, the INPP Method & JIAS Sound therapy.

I love nothing more than helping children, individuals, and families create the change they desire. Either with learning difficulties, behaviour problems in school, mild learning disability, number dyslexia, or teen behaviour through Retrain the brain we are here to support you.