Family Coaching

Family Coaching

What is Family Coaching all about?

Families are not always easy. There is no “normal” when it comes to family. But there is happy. Like all relationships, it requires focus and practice. Coaching will show you how.

Family coaching helps to bring families into alignment. Bringing everyone into a creative focus on the future they want to create. Only from this place of inspiration can the root cause of the problems getting in the way of that reality be dealt with. Having a clear goal, vision, dream or outcome is critical before moving through the challenges and rifts within relationships that are preventing it.

Family Coaching facilitates strong and loving relationships. 

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When should you seek family coaching?

When you notice there is an unhappy or unfulfilling cycle in your family relationships. 

If you are having the same kinds of disagreements or arguments. If the same issues keep arising over and over. If you are unable to get the change or outcomes you are seeking and it’s affecting your family, it is time to seek family coaching.

Do you feel lost, like you are losing yourself, not knowing who you are anymore? Are you becoming disconnected from your family? Family coaching can help you reconnect with your desires and move towards them.

If you feel that your relationships are deteriorating, the challenges are constantly escalating, and everything you have tried has done little it’s time for family coaching. If the disconnection, distance and frustration is increasing within your family relationships. This is where we can help.

Family Coaching Services

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What does a family coach help with?

A family coach will help move through the emotional patterns that keep you stuck in the same experiences and outcomes. 

Though trusted and proven NLP methods, super conscious recodes and cutting-edge science you are able to let go of old anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt and move towards what you love.

You work on making new decisions about yourself and your family relationships that align with what you all want to experience.

The ultimate goal of a retrain the brain family coach is to help you and your family find greater love, connection, fun, and happiness together.

As a family coach, I am trained to help with these goals. Having a trained professional with experience and skills with an outside perspective can be the missing link to help break through these problems and find success.

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What are the benefits of family coaching?

Is there any greater benefit than having happy and healthy family relationships?

By consulting a retrain the brain family coach, you receive an impartial partner that will keep you on track towards the life you want to create. Retrain the brain family coaching looks at how you make decisions, the emotions you regularly get stuck in, and the views you hold that are contributing to your family experiences.

By having someone dedicated to helping you focus on your outcome and really emotionally connect to what you want and at the same time has the tools to help you move through the resistance and problems that show up on the journey; you can’t not start creating the life you want. 

Together we work on strategies and steps that support greater connection, communication, and understanding. We work to navigate challenges and maintain the connected and loving relationships you want.

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Skye Bairstow NLP coach

Learn more about your family coach – Skye Bairstow

My name is Skye. I am a master NLP practitioner and family coach. I am based in Perth, Australia but work with clients Australia-wide. 

I’ve been working with parents for 15 years. I am a parent of 3 myself. Which is where this journey started for me. It was the challenges and struggles that come with having a family that spurred me to find solutions. I tried the usual avenues of support but found that while offering a greater understanding there was no real or lasting change.

Retrain the brain family coaching began after I found fast and lasting change for myself and my family. Through NLP coaching I was able to let go of old patterns and create the family relationships I had been seeking for years. I trained as a practitioner and master family coach to support other families to find the change they seek as did I. 

I believe that by focusing on and taking action towards what you want, along with letting go of stored negative emotion creates change. Through intentional self-talk, neuro-linguistic processes, and new empowering instructions you can achieve the goals you want; a happier family, happier marriage, happier self. This is what retrain the brain is all about.

To learn more about my family coaching methods, please get in touch or read more about me.