Retrain the Brain is about becoming empowered, resourceful, and loving people. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to support children, adults, families, and our community to consciously create each day and move towards what we want to see, not only in our own lives, but the world.

Life is ever evolving; we move out of our own family unit, choose a partner, and create our own family. As children arrive and grow and the world spins, each day presents new opportunities and challenges. 

Retrain the brain is about supporting individuals and families to be empowered, resourceful, and loving units. Able to navigate the challenges of life with grace and to build wisdom through the process.

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What is Retrain the brain?

My name is Skye Bairstow (nee Brookes) and I established Retrain the Brain. Retrain the brain was born out of my love of children and the desire to advocate and support families with learning, personal growth, and achieving results.  

Your brain is amazing, and every word, thought and experience you have is creating your life day by day. If those days are not giving you the life you desire- then as our name implies just Retrain your brain!.

My mission is to move towards what I want to see, not only in my own life and community, but in the world.

What does Retrain the brain do?

In a nutshell I work with Individuals, children and families to find their “amazing”. Discovering together a love of self, gratitude, and excitement for life in every new day.

Through cutting edge personal development NLP coaching (Tad James), Magnetic mind superconscious coaching,  Timeline therapy ™, The Emotion Code ™ and hypnosis, Brain Therapy, The INPP Method ™ a research-based movement program and JIAS Sound therapy I offer results-based individual and family support. I facilitate retraining your brain to achieve your specific goals. 

I would absolutely love to see everyone gifted the knowledge and resources to get in touch with their awesomeness, their higher self, for themselves and their families, and ultimately for the planet. With Retrain the brain, you discover how powerful you really are in creating the life you WANT.

Retrain the brain encompasses 3 branches: 

1. NLP and Magnetic mind (Chris Duncan) super conscious coaching, 

2. Family coaching and 

3. learning difficulties support through Brain Therapy and the INPP Method Reflex integration along with JIAS sound therapy.

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How does Retrain the brain work?

I am sure you have heard it said that we only use 5-10% of our mind. This is because 95% of our mind is UNCONSCIOUS. The systems that digest our food, regulate our breathing, heal our bodies, and run all the automated programs that we have learned over the years (how to drive, brush our teeth etc) are unconscious. These are the thoughts we practiced so often, that became truth and a habit of thinking and being. Our unconscious mind now knows better than our conscious mind. They’re all unconscious habits of being.

When we are no longer aware of the thoughts that drive our behaviours, they become an automated program. 

We start with learning, move to doing and then being. So once the behaviour becomes who we think we are, we are no longer conscious of the thoughts driving them. Once we lose track of the cause, we lose track of how to change the behaviour. We just think it’s who we are. And the 5% that you are conscious of is not in control of the 95%. This is hwy it is so hard to change. Because 5% against 95% is slow and hard. This is where NLP, The rapid recode process  Timeline Therapy ™ The emotion code ™ and hypnosis come in. They access the operating system- the 95% where the behaviour is coming from and you can make change happen. AND fast.

You can have the life you want, starting today.