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kids do daily neuro developmental program

Kids Do Daily-


Daily activities & exercises from Birth-8 years of age. Understand how normal natural milestones can be supported and practiced to optimise learning at school

Family Coaching

Family coaching supports your family to be empowered, resourceful, and a loving unit, despite any challenges that come your way.

Learning disabilities

Support you and your child with learning disabilities. When we release the root cause, symptoms can disappear. Learn about the options available.

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Skye Bairstow NLP coach

Skye Bairstow

Your brain is amazing, and every word, thought and experience you have is creating your life day by day. If those days are not giving you the life you desire- then as our name implies just Retrain your brain!

Through cutting-edge science like superconscious programming (the magnetic mind recode TM), neuro-linguistic programming (NLP practitioner coaching) and research-based movement programs,  Joe Dispenza meditation & Training, The Emotion code TM, Sound therapy, and research-based movement programs I facilitate so you can retrain your brain to achieve your specific goals. 

I would absolutely love to see everyone gifted the knowledge and tools to get in touch with their awesomeness, for themselves and their families, and ultimately for the planet. 

The reality is that not all of us have access to the resources we need to achieve our goals, AND yet the possibility of connecting with them is available to us all, so let’s Retrain the brain. We can go ahead and retrain our neural pathways in order to change our outcomes. And the best time for that, is right now!

Retrain The Brain is about supporting ourselves to be empowered, resourceful and loving people. Our mission is to support our community to consciously create each day and move towards what we want to see, not only in our own lives, and children’s lives, but the world.